It’s a mystery

I am excited to announce that Blank Slate Press, an imprint of the Amphorae Publishing Group, will be publishing my first mystery in September 2019. Here’s an overview of the context, main character, and plot:

Can a discount P.I. rescue a naive runaway girl from a nefarious survivalist cult? Penny-wise Investigations, “Vigilance you can afford,” is a detective agency conveniently located in a suburban shopping mall. Single mom and recent widow, Cameron Chandler, desperately needs a job. She quickly discovers that her new PhD in liberal arts doesn’t open any doors. When she impulsively applies for and lands a position as a private investigator, she’s both surprised and delighted. To her, it’s not only a paycheck but a job with a sparkle of excitement. It’s a chance to reinvent herself.

Survival Can Be Deadly is a lighthearted mystery/adventure set in Seattle and the San Juan Islands to the north. It is also the story of a woman’s struggle to find new direction after the death of her husband and a lengthy period of unemployment. Cameron’s strong, opinionated mother lives in the top floor apartment of the carriage house she and her two children call home. Her 11-year-old son is a news junkie, and her 13-year-old daughter loves math and agonizes over the shape of her eyebrows. Cameron’s attempts to keep peace with her mother while being a good mother to her own children provides a humorous counterpoint to the very real and unexpected risks she faces in her new job.

Her first assignment at Penny-wise is to locate a runaway girl, something her predecessor had been pursuing before he disappeared. Following in his footsteps, the trail leads to a survivalist camp on a remote island in northern Puget Sound. Armed with only a Swiss Army Knife and her quirky on-the-job training as a suburban sleuth, Cameron uncovers more than she bargained for. She soon finds herself in a fight for her own survival.

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