It is exciting to provide new insights on familiar subjects, to take an idea and squeeze out its essence. Finding pragmatic ways to approach persistent workplace issues around negativity, leadership and innovation is the focus of the following presentations:

  • Negativity: Dark Matter and Sticky Stuff
  • Leadership: Super Glue, Duct Tape and Velcro
  • Three Dimensional Leadership During Accelerated, Overlapping and Overwhelming Change
  • Performance DNA: Restructuring the Code for Thinking Strategically
  • Stress: Chaos, Clutter and Cortisol
  • Interviewing: Lessons Learned the Easy Way – Through Someone Else’s Experience

* Other topics available upon request

Presentations on interviewing/storytelling: Apple Valley Human Resources Association,  Columbia Basin Chapter of SHRM, HR West 2014, Habitat for Humanity of Washington State, Career Smarts Event at So. Seattle Community College, Waldron (Career Transitions), Snohomish County Human Resources Association, Lake Washington Human Resource Association