Book on Interviews

Disastrous Interviews: The Comic, Tragic, and Just Plain Ugly includes 134 interviews around 15 themes. Each interview is memorable in its own way. It  may make you laugh or just shake your head in disbelief.  The goal is to provide readers with an out of body experience, to allow us to look down on the funny, weird and the sad interviews of others and know that we are not alone. The book also includes suggestions on how to cope with a disastrous interview, to turn it into a good story to be told around the fireplace of life.


As a sailor and commercial salmon fisher for a number of years, I’ve written humorous nonfiction articles about boating and fishing that have appeared in Nor’Westing, Sail Magazine, Alaska Fisherman’s Journal, Fisherman’s News and the fishing newsletter Fishy Business. Here is an article from my past life on the water:

“Pssst—Wanna Buy Some Spam?”