The Macavity & Me Mysteries

Why Me? by Charlotte Stuart
Chanticleer International Mystery and Mayhem Semi-finalist
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
Global eBook Award – Gold Winner
NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorites

Why Me? Chimeras, Conundrums and Dead Goldfish (#1)

In Greek mythology, the chimera was a bad omen. In Why Me? Chimeras, Conundrums and Dead Goldfish, it’s a motive for murder.

Bryn Baczek, a Seattle consultant, is vacationing in Scotland, hiking alone in a downpour, surrounded by midges, when she sees a body at the bottom of a ravine. Before she can return to the scene with the mountain rescue team, the body disappears. She learns that he was a scientist and that his laptop containing his cutting-edge research has disappeared. Rumors that Bryn has the laptop make her a target.

“Loved it! 😍  Chimeras aren’t the only things lurking on the waterfront. Good-looking bad guys, scientists, and a mad cat star in this fun thriller.”  
—Dorothyanne Brown for Reedsy

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Who Me? by Charlotte Stuart
Firebird Book Award
Author Shout Recommended Read
Chanticleer International Mystery and Mayhem Finalist
Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Finalist

Who, Me? Fog Bows, Fraud and Aphrodite (#2)

A heated argument on a nearby boat followed by a loud splash . . .

Who, Me? Fog Bows, Fraud and Aphrodite is a mystery set in an urban boating community in Seattle. Bryn Baczek lives on a sailboat in a small marina with her cat, Macavity, and a series of short-lived goldfish. When a neighbor she doesn’t like becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation, she reluctantly seeks evidence to prove him innocent. She ends up being threatened by the victim’s abusive boyfriend, betrayed by a close friend, and can’t resist using subterfuge to enter a secured building to search the victim’s office. Although Bryn shares what she learns with a charming detective whose manicured mustache she finds off-putting, she is one step ahead of the police in identifying the murderer . . . a step that puts her in a dangerous face-to-face confrontation.

“Charlotte Stuart presents a classic whodunit in a very lighthearted tone, making this a very fast paced and enjoyable read.”
—Jennifer Shepherd, InD’Tale Magazine

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Not Me by Charlotte Stuart
NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite
Book Fest – Honorable Mention Chanticleer International Mystery & Mayhem finalist
Reader Views Silver
Book Excellence Finalist
Eric Hoffer Finalist
Global Book Award Bronze

Not Me! Speluncaphobia, Secrets and Hidden Treasure (#3)

Two cousins get together to investigate the death of a favorite uncle and to honor his legacy by fulfilling his dream to recover Aztec gold. They are thwarted in their efforts by greedy family members, a jumble of challenging clues, a prank from the grave, and unscrupulous treasure seekers.

What begins with a letter from the deceased leads to a wilderness adventure and ends with revealed secrets, betrayal and a confession.

  • Feuding family members
  • A suspicious death and surfeit of suspects
  • A sailboat trip up the Inside Passage . . . and a stowaway cat

“A wonderful heroine, interesting supporting characters, and a lot of adventure and fun make this a great book that is well worth reading and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with a lot of humor.”
—Kathy Stickles, Reader Views

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