The John Smith Mysteries

John Smith, Claims Adjuster
Insured to the Hilt by Charlotte Stuart

Reader Views Silver
Chanticleer Mystery &
Mayhem Semi-finalist

In$ured to the Hilt (#1)

Everyone wants to make money off of insurance.

In In$ured to the Hilt this includes a greedy claimant and her voluptuous daughter, an ambitious administrative assistant, a desperate insurance agent, and a man obsessed with maintaining his reputation. In the end, they are all “insured to the hilt,” some more literally than others.

“…a lively mystery filled with quirky characters (and) laugh-till-your-ribs-ache dialogue…”
—N.N. Light’s Book Haven

“I am eager to get my hands on more novels in the series, which I hope proves to be as exciting as this novel. Charlotte Stuart has planted the seeds for something entertaining, humorous, and well-paced.”
—Matt Pechey, Reedsy

“. . . balance of hard-boiled detective plotting versus the cozy, character-led drama and the subtle blend of wit and dry humor that ties the whole thing together.”
—K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite – 5 stars

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In$urance to Die For (#2)

A slapstick mystery with heart–you’ll cheer on klutzy John Smith as he dodges crows, learns to cat parent, and chases down a killer.”
—Jennifer J. Chow, Lefty Award-nominated author of Hot Pot Murder

I could sum up In$urance to Die For by Charlotte Stuart in one word. Fun. … I highly recommend this book to brighten up a dull day and put a smile on your face.”
—Lucinda E Clarke, Readers’ Favorite

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