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Disastrous Interviews: The Comic, Tragic, and Just Plain Ugly includes 134 interviews around 15 themes. Each interview is memorable in its own way. It  may make you laugh or just shake your head in disbelief.  The goal is to provide readers with an out of body experience, to allow us to look down on the funny, weird and the sad interviews of others and know that we are not alone. The book also includes suggestions on how to cope with a disastrous interview, to turn it into a good story to be told around the fireplace of life.

Amazon reader comments:  ♥ I’m still laughing at some of these true stories of disastrous interviews – probably because I’ve experienced a few disastrous ones myself.   ♥ Great book, entertaining read with useful information!   ♥ A very useful resource for interviewees and interviewers.


When two investigators, Cameron Chandler and Yuri Webster, discover a body next to a pile of stolen signs, what began as a prank becomes a murder investigation. The local candidate for the U.S. Congressional seat gets all of the endorsements, but he can’t compete with the unlimited resources of his opponent. Funded by an east coast family in the oil business, the out-of-state candidate takes the state by storm, marrying the daughter of a local prestigious family and flooding the airwaves with ads, many of them negative. Cameron and Yuri soon find themselves targets in a battle between the local candidate, big oil interests, and anti-big oil activists.


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Writing – Past and Present

In a world filled with uncertainty and too little chocolate, I have always anchored myself in writing. As an academic I published articles on communications issues. Serious treatises on serious topics. Then, as a commercial fisher in Alaska, I turned to writing humorous articles on boating and fishing. As a management consultant I survived three years writing a monthly column on HR and leadership for a regional business journal. But I never lost my preference for the humorous side of learning as reflected in the titles of speeches I’ve delivered as a consultant: Negativity – Dark Matter and Sticky Stuff; Leadership – Super Glue, Duct Tape and Velcro; Stress – Clutter and Cortisol; and Interviewing – Lessons Learned the Easy way, Through Someone Else’s Experience.